I had the most amazing Reiki treatment this afternoon with Elizabeth. Instead of being tired as I usually am this time of day, I feel energized. Thanks Elizabeth for the wonderful session.  Everyone make an appointment with her.  It's a massage for your soul

   M.H., Des Moines,  Iowa

    After receiving my first Reiki session from Liz, I felt a profound sense of peace. I felt more grounded and centered than I had been able to achieve on my own for quite some time with my hectic schedule. 
    I have a lot of difficulty meditating and being still for any length of time, but in the hour session I had with Liz, I felt like I had spent that time in a deep meditative state, but this was EASY!     
   During the session I had some incredible visual experiences and could literally feel Liz's energy supporting me to a healthier, happier state of being.
    I felt totally supported, honored and nurtured with the experience.  I can't wait for my next session!  

J.G., Des Moines, Iowa 


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     My excitement at having my old floors revamped was tempered by the knowledge that my two darling cats had to spend three days in the basement without me.     
     It was traumatic for me and them.  They ignored the food, toys, and beds that I put there.  Bear, the shyest, resisted all my pleas to him.  It was terrible.  I don't know if they slept -- I didn't, as I worried about the lasting effect on them.     
     Liz Eiler came to my assistance, sending positive, protective Reiki to my cats and home.  What a relief 
when I held  a calm, purring cat in my arms within an hour of bringing him up from the basement. 
    Thanks, Liz -- I'll never forget it!

C.W., Des Moines, Iowa
     This has been a challenging year for me. My body's energies have been depleted physically and emotionally. I believe that emotional issues can cause physical problems in your body. The medical field could only help me so far. I knew that I needed to do more nontraditional healing.         
     My wife suggested seeing a Reiki practitioner. Since I have been going to Liz, my health and emotional issues have been greatly reduced. I believe that when you balance your body's energies, then health follows. 

                   G.D., Urbandale, Iowa

My energy field was very fragmented due to stresses because of my husband's health issues. I knew that it was important to balance my energy field. 
     So I started seeing Liz to help me become balanced again. I felt so much better after just one session. 
     I'm still having Reiki sessions to help me to continue on the healing path. 

M.D., Urbandale, Iowa
I attended Liz’s “Woman Awake” workshop and found her to be an articulate teacher with great passion and heart. She presented an overview of the feminine chakras and led us through a deep meditation to experience ourselves as empowered women. It was a fun, interactive day of learning and sharing. I highly recommend her as a wisdom teacher. 

V.S., Santa Barbara, California

I have been having Reiki sessions with Liz weekly for one year - she is that good! 

After recently going through a divorce, I felt I needed some sort of therapy. Visiting with Liz has been a very healing, loving and safe environment for me to work through my emotions without saying a word. The Reiki energy sessions are never too much for me to handle and leave me feeling stronger and much lighter in spirit. I am gaining greater momentum after each one! 

Those around me in my daily life have noticed the positive change within me. And Liz's intuitive messages have been incredibly insightful and guiding. 

I know I am going on quite a bit, as I am incredibly grateful that I found her when I did. Thank you, Liz, from the bottom of my heart. 

J.J.C., Ankeny, Iowa
Liz, you're doing great work, and the animals really respond to you. Thank you, thank you for doing the Reiki for Sassy before she was put to sleep! Thanks for the Reiki for Buddy, too! Buddy and all of us really appreciate it! 

 S.S., Ames, Iowa


Elizabeth has spoken and sent healing to my animal family on many occasions, and I never fail to be amazed at how she always finds exactly what the problem is and has really helped, for which I am so thankful. 
     She has such a gift in being able to communicate with animals, and they know she can be trusted. She has a big heart and uses her gift to help both animals and people. I would highly recommend her services. 

E.F., Caithness, Scotland
I have been dealing with anxiety for years and been on many medicines. I read that chakra work could help; I tried everything so thought, "Why not? I'll give it a try." After my first session, I didn't have a panic attack once in the following month! If you've dealt with anxiety, you know how amazing that is!

Liz was wonderful. She was warm and welcoming as soon as I walked into the door. She made me comfortable and took the time to answer any and all my questions. I highly recommend her if you are looking to have some energy work done. It can do so much for aligning your chakras, so look into it! If it's something you're interested in, Liz is your go-to gal! 

C.R., Des Moines, Iowa