Reiki is a Japanese healing art based on ancient Lightwork techniques.  Harnessing universal life-force energy, Reiki provides relaxation and empowerment for personal wellness
 and healing. 

Reiki at our Treatment Studio:  ($75/hr.) (Distance sessions may be arranged).  Treatment includes auric field assessment and cleansing, assessment of the seven major chakras, and Reiki therapy. Reiki sessions with Elizabeth Eiler weave together Crystal and Angelic Reiki, Usui Reiki, and AbundantHealingTM with the Akashic Records, sound healing, and spiritual channeling of Angels, Spirit Guides, and Power Animals. A combination of  additional Lightwork techniques are selected for each treatment including singing bowl chakra activation, crystal energy work,
oracle card readings, aromatherapy, 
and  intuitive information for healing.

The client receives the Reiki energy on a custom massage table, given by hands placed on or just above the body.  The client remains fully clothed, and body privacy is maintained.  An average treatment lasts 60-90 minutes.

Distance Reiki sessions include crystal grids, crystal wanding therapy, and intuitive channeling/Akashic Records work (just like in-person sessions).

Animal Reiki:  ($75/hr.)
Animals of all species benefit from Reiki and welcome this healing energy.  Reiki opens channels of communication, fosters emotional healing after trauma, and helps facilitate a peaceful transition for animals nearing the end of life.

Elizabeth will come to your location to treat your animal, or distance Reiki treatments* can be arranged.  Elizabeth is an animal communicator.  Animal communication is offered with animal Reiki sessions.

*Payment arrangements for distance treatments must be made in advance.  Credit cards are accepted via PayPal on our Contact Us page.

Prepare to feel relaxed and  refreshed...

Phone: (515) 720-7017 


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All living things respond to the spiritual energy of Reiki. 

Reiki can deepen human connections to animals and offer comfort and energetic healing tools.
Crystals produce, transmit, reflect, and focus electrical energy that merges with the electromagnetic field of the human or animal body. 

(Crystal production of pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity was studied asearly as
the 6th century B.C. in Greece). 
Oracle Card Reading 

This service includes an oracle card reading with personalized interpretation. We have a variety of decks available including Angel Tarot, Crystal Cards, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, and many others.

Formulate a question and schedule a time for this individualized service performed by Certified Angel Card Reader Elizabeth S. Eiler, Ph.D.

Complete service for $35!  

Schedule today at 515-720-7017 or

Please Note: Divination tools are for entertainment purposes only. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any reading. Important life decisions must be considered carefully. Seven Stars Healing Arts assumes no responsibility for your use of any reading.
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