What is Reiki?  “The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means ‘God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power’ and Ki which is ‘life force energy.’  So Reiki is actually ‘spiritually guided life force energy.”  (The International Center for Reiki Training).

Reiki is a Japanese healing touch and relaxation method.  A Reiki practitioner accesses healing frequencies and vibrations and channels this energy to the client.  Reiki touches  physical, emotional, and spiritual levels and heals across space and time.  Reiki energy is recognized and accepted by all living things.  Received from Divine Source, Reiki has innate intelligence and focuses where it is most needed.

What to expect at my treatment?  You  remain fully clothed and are never touched in personal body areas.  Your treatment may include crystal work, guided meditation, or singing bowls.  

Elizabeth is an intuitive psychic medium and channels your personal body wisdom as well as Angels, Power Animals, and Guides to provide you the clearest and deepest messages for your highest good.

The Reiki energy is given with the client lying on a Reiki table.  With hands on the body or a few inches above, I work from head to feet.  You may feel warmth or coolness, tingling, and deep relaxation.  Afterwards, you receive Reiki-charged water and may rest, relax, and arise at your own pace.

What is a distance Reiki treatment?  Pure energy has no time-space limitations. Using the distance Reiki symbol or "frequency," healing energy can be directed to you anywhere.  For scheduling, please choose a 60-minute block of time when you will be relaxed and undisturbed in order to receive the Reiki energy.  I also like to have a client photograph to assist with the connection.

Using your photograph and a customized crystal grid, I will perform your session.  I will provide a detailed written report of your session including photographs of the gridwork layout via email.  (The report will be available the same day).  If desired, you may phone me to discuss any questions.   


Are there things Reiki does NOT do?  Reiki provides healing to a person or animal according to their destiny.  Reiki can improve quality of life for a terminally ill person or animal and make  transition easier, but “healing” does not always mean “cure” is possible.  Reiki is accepted and integrated by a person or animal according to his or her free will, truest desires, and highest good.  For all living organisms, there is a limited life span.

Reiki and natural healing compliment but do not substitute for medical care by a physician or veterinarian.  

Reiki is not magic for animal behavior.  Reiki comforts and relaxes but doesn’t replace exercise, company,  positive training, and good diet.

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How does animal Reiki work?  Animal Reiki sessions are done at the client's home or via distance treatment.  Reiki is a vibration which animals recognize and respond to naturally, and its healing energy can address any areas of need -- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual -- to help bring about the highest level of benefit possible in the situation.  Reiki can never cause harm.  Reiki compliments any other treatments your animal may receive from a veterinarian.  Because this gentle healing causes the body to release endorphins, it provides relaxation, pain relief, and a sense of well-being which can help veterinary treatments work better. 

What is treatment like for an animal?  The animal chooses whether or not to accept  Reiki -- it is never forced.  Hands may be on or above the body.  Hands are not placed on areas of injury or fresh surgery.  Nervous or anxious animals are offered Reiki from a non-threatening distance.  Reiki goes to the source of the problem for the animal's highest good.  The animal may feel warmth or coolness, tingling, or deep relaxation.  The process is not painful and is enjoyable.  Reiki heightens intuition and strengthens the human-animal bond.   

I include crystal work to cleanse and re-energize the animal’s chakras based on individual needs.

What is distance Animal Reiki?  Distance treatments generally last 30-45 minutes.  I will follow up promptly with a detailed report about the session.  Your report will include photographs of your animal's customized crystal grid plus a written synopsis of the Reiki session.  (I like to work with a picture of the animal if possible). 

I am an animal communicator and use Reiki to open telepathic channels, providing animal communication to clients with both hands-on or distance Animal Reiki sessions.
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Note: Reiki is not a substitute for medical care by a doctor or veterinarian. One should not delay in comsulting a doctor or veterinarian for a medical problem. Reiki is not used for diagnostic purposes. The Reiki practitioner does not write prescriptions or prescribe treatment regimens for medical conditions.
"Elizabeth has such a gift in being able to communicate with animals, and they know she can be trusted."
"It's a massage for your soul."