Hear the animals speak through their unique stories of love, healing, and transformation.  Puppy mill survivors, shelter strays, and beloved companions -- each one will inspire you!

Do animals have souls? What happens when they pass away? How can I support my animals spiritually?  Find the answers in "Other Nations" together with prayers, spiritual services you can customize, and practical suggestions.


"Other Nations: A Lightworker's Case Book for Healing, Spiritually Empowering, and Communing with the Animal Kingdom is a spiritual insight to the world of healing and animals, the soul of our pets and the unseen spirituality that animals hold for us..."
                     -- Midwest Book Review

“…many living examples and studies included in this valuable resource. For those who have lost precious animal friends, Other Nations offers a breakthrough that will help you deal with your loss. I highly recommend that animal lovers everywhere should grab a copy of Dr. Eiler’s book for your comfort and enjoyment.” -
-- Joy Hannabass for Readers' Favorite

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Singing Woman: Voices of the Sacred Feminine
A celebration of the Sacred Feminine with divine voices of enlightenment, guidance, and spiritual empowerment 
for modern women. 


Swift and Brave 
Sacred Souls of Animals

Swift and

Through a diverse range of species from beluga whales, red squirrels, and flamingos to companion animals, new light is shone on the Divinity within all living creatures and the resultant moral imperatives for humanity. In a deeply reflective work, science, metaphysics, and philosophy combine to open avenues of possibility and depth for our shared existence.

A groundbreaking exploration of 
 Life purposes, co-creative abilities, and soul missions of animals 
• Opportunities for spiritual healing and personal growth 
• Living in right relationship with other species 
• Character, afterlife, and connectivity of animal souls 
• Insights from interspecies communication and channeled messages.